Authentic Mexican Food

If you are in the mood to try some cuisine that is a little different, you will be very happy with some Baja Mexican food. Most of us have had some sort of Mexican food, but most of us have not had the authentic Mexican food that real Mexicans eat and enjoy.

Authentic Mexican food is great, and it is typically made with beans and corn. Mexican cuisine utilizes corn in so many ways. Mexican cooks use corn to create masa, which is a special dough that is used in gorditas, tamales, tortillas and many other Mexican food items. Of course, Mexican cuisine also utilizes corn in its fresh state, too. Mexican cooks also use a lot of chili peppers and squash in their dishes. A lot of Mexican food is spicy, but it does not have to be spicy.

Just because Mexican cuisine uses a lot of spicy does not mean that all of it will burn your tongue. Some of the most popular Mexican spices that are not spicy include oregano, cinnamon, cocoa, cilantro, garlic and onions. Mexican cooks do also love using jalapeno chili and chi More info: Baja mexican food

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