Little Women Make Big Choices

The book Little Women written by Louisa May Alcott in 1868 is still a popular read today. Based in the 19th century in England, a mother and her four daughters struggle to maintain life while her husband is at war. Many would say that the four daughters, Jo, Meg, Beth, and Amy were strong women who grew up to impart their own personalities in the world. However, one of the strongest female characters in this book would have to be the mother, better known as Marmee.

Living alone in the 1800’s and raising four daughters was no easy task. Not only did she have to provide for them but she taught them to take advantage of the resources they had and never give up on their dreams. Instilling self-confidence and nurturing their ideas and talents she allowed them to create their own unique personalities. She insisted that the girls be educated, and when given the chance to better themselves, she allowed them to take risks.

Jo ventured to New York to expand her writing while Amy traveled through Europe with a family member. The girls were taught to be kind and in the beginning of the book they give up their Christmas presents because of lack of money to buy a gift instead for their mother. They also gave a dinner to the family that lived next door for the holiday. She taught them not only kindness, but compassion. Marmee displays all the traits of a strong female character.
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