Clinics Offering Treatments For Vein Problems

There are a number of people who have problems with their veins. These problems could be genetic or due to a type of lifestyle the person leads. People who are overweight place more pressure on the walls of their veins, which can cause them to collapse. People who smoke cigarettes often have poor circulation, which leads to a thinning of the vein walls. The vein clinic Phoenix residents can go to will provide them will a complete examination, diagnosis and consultation about their condition and treatment options.

The two most common vein conditions people seek treatment for are varicose veins and spider veins. Varicose veins occur when a lot of pressure is placed on one or more veins, often causing them to protrude or bulge outward. This usually happens more on the legs than on any other part of the body. The bulge can be unsightly, but it can also cause pain. A clinic can provide a laser treatment to help people with varicose veins. This treatment is used to close off the vein or veins which have become weak, so the flow of blood can be routed to healthier veins.

Spider veins are the thin vein formations which can appear on the legs or face. These are also unsightly and usually do not cause pain. There are different clinical procedures which can help reduce the appearance of these small veins. In some cases, a solution can be injected into a vein to correct the condition. This is a non-invasive procedure which requires no medication.

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