Eat Sushi Calgary If You Want A Healthy Meal

If you are looking for ideas for eating a healthy meal at a restaurant in Calgary, you can’t go wrong with Japanese. At a sushi Calgary restaurant, most of the food they serve is low-fat, prepared with no oil and is some of the healthiest food on the planet. Why do you think the Japanese are the world’s longest living people?

If you haven’t been to a sushi Calgary restaurant before, start out with something simple. Items like California rolls or egg or shrimp sushi are the best pieces of sushi to start with for a first-time sushi eater. The taste is pleasant, there’s nothing too odd about them and, if you stay away from the wasabi, there’s nothing spicy there either.

While most sushi requires eating raw fish, a fact that does put some people off, there are other items on a typical sushi Calgary restaurant menu that do involve serving food that is cooked. Anything on the tempura menu, for instance, has been fried in batter and oil and, if you love fried foods that are still quite healthy these are a great choice.

Look at the various cooked fish meals, or squid, octopus or shrimp dishes. There will also be a nice selection of Japanese salads, which are always created with very fresh ingredients and have a lovely refreshing taste.

Finally, don’t miss the miso or tofu soups either. These are light soups that are very tasty, and can be eaten either before or after a main meal. They don’t fill you up either, so you can actually eat two.

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