Funerals: Emphasizing Life Rather Than Death

Today’s funeral services are as apt to be a celebration of life as a sad tribute to death. While wakes are for some cultures a normal custom, even those for whom a wake would have seemed incongruous are embracing a more upbeat funeral service. This desire for celebratory service as opposed to a more somber one has crept into the pre-planned funeral as well.
Whereas once funerals were hardly spoken of until the need arose, now it is becoming more common for death, end of life decisions and funeral plans to be discussed opening and well in advance of the need. Incorporating ideas from services attended into one’s own plans or using them in the funerals of loved ones is a becoming a normal event.
The normalizing of the atmosphere of a visitation or funeral service makes attending them less of a chore and thereby provides more support for those whose loved one has passed on. Collages of family photos from when the deceased was young up through the present are on display near the casket instead of one solem More info: funeral services russellville

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