How To Care For Your Leather Furniture

Leather living room furniture looks beautiful and will last longer with the proper care. Light-colored furniture will show dirt and stains, so you need to clean the furniture once a month with a good leather cleaner. Darker leather doesn’t need to be cleaned as often. Rotate the seating cushions and pillows often to avoid worn spots.

Don’t lay newspaper on a light-colored leather sofa because the ink will transfer onto your sofa. Some people recommend cleaning leather furniture with saddle soap. It cleans and lubricates the fibers to prevent the leather from drying out. Leather furniture can be damaged by common household products.

Hair gels, pet products and even dish soap can stain leather furniture. Common glass cleaners can take the color out of your leather furniture. Hot tea or coffee will also discolor your furniture. Candle wax is another culprit of leather furniture. The dried wax will remove the color on your furniture.

Hand sanitize products contain alcohol and will also remove the color. When you are deciding where to place your living room furniture, keep them away from bright sunlight that will discolor it over time. Try not to place the furniture near busy traffic areas in your home. The edges can be scratched by family members walking through the area.

Don’t place your furniture next to a wall or windows. This can leave an indention on your leather furniture. Leather furniture can be damaged by being placed next to a fireplace or wood stove. Be sure the furniture is a safe distance away from any heat source. These tips should keep your furniture looking its best for a long time.

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