How To Fix A Cracked Windshield

Being that a cracked windshield is a relatively small amount of damage to your windshield, you can usually fix the problem yourself. The process itself is not very complicated, and even the most beginner of do-it-yourselfers can fix a cracked windshield using a repair kit. Here’s how:

Step 1: You are going to want to make sure the affected area of the windshield is free of dirt. Gently clean the area with glass cleaner.

Step 2: Use the included vacuum to suck out an loose particles in the crack or chip.

Step 3: Inject the resin.

Step 4: Scrape away an excess resin from the area.

After the resin completely dries, your windshield will be like it was never damaged. More info: Windshield Repair Products

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