Protecting A New Trademark

Every day someone somewhere is coming up with a new idea to use for a business. There are more people inventing their own products and trying to market them than ever before. The process of making a new product and introducing it into the market is one which requires a few legal steps to ensure the product or idea will not be stolen by someone else. In addition to obtaining patents for new products, people can also legally register a trademark. A trademark is often a name or logo used to identify a specific product or line of products.

The process of registering the name or logo is actually much easier than the process used for obtaining a patent. When submitting information for the name or logo the exact design needs to be added with the application. This protects the creator from having other people or businesses create the exact same thing. Even with this protection in place, there is still some gray area as to what other companies can legally get away with. When certain products are big sellers in the market, other companies will often create look alike items and try to copy the name or logo as closely as they can.

The best protection against having a catchy name stolen by another company is to make sure the trademark is registered with the patent office. The office runs a check against the other trademarks to make sure it is not infringing on someone else’s design. A fee will be required with the registration application.

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