Skills You’ll Need For Facilities Management Chicago

If you have been thinking about going into the career of facilities management Chicago, you may be looking into the type of skills and qualifications needed. As the facilities management Chicago field expands, more and more skills are necessary for the top jobs. Skills you may not even be aware you’ll need.

People skills, of course, are key. As someone who is responsible for managing an entire facility, you’ll be be expected to work with everyone from maintenance staff to high-level management.

You’ll need to know all about recent health and safety laws and keep up as they are updated. Part of being a facilities manager in Chicago is keeping not just the building safe, but the people who work or live in it too.

If you have knowledge of heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems, that will help you too. As most of us know, there’s always something going wrong with an HVAC system, so not always having to rely on your engineers to explain in simple language so you understand would be helpful.

If you have skills in real estate management, this could also help you in your career. Part of the responsibility of a facilities manager, with some companies, is being able to negotiate leases with potential tenants. Understanding the real estate market will help.

Skills in grounds management may also be necessary, if you work for a company that has gardens or large grounds. You’ll be expected to direct gardeners and grounds crew, and have an understanding of some of the problems they may occasionally have.

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