Strategies To Find Cheap Gainsville Apartments

Whether you seek a small pad near campus or a condo by the lake, you can find any number of cheap Gainesville apartments. Being a college town, the price of rent in Gainesville is often higher than other communities. If you live on a budget, you may have to settle for a place with fewer amenities, or make a longer commute to school. But you will be pleasantly surprised by the variety of apartment communities the area has to offer. There are efficiencies for students. There are 1- to 2-bedroom condos for seniors and singles. There are even 4-bedroom apartments for families.

The best time to rent cheap apartments is from late May to early June, when most student leases come to an end. Apartments are leased on an annual basis, but Gainesville landlords have become more lenient about lease lengths in recent years. Students rent apartments anywhere from a semester up to nine-months. When students go home for the summer, the units go empty and end up costing the property owners money. In an effort to fill empty units, many apartment complex managers offer summer specials or discounts on the first month’s rent. Sometimes you can sublet an apartment from a student at a cheap rate.

If you have looked around Gainesville and still cannot find a place within your budget, you may need to do a little juggling to cut costs elsewhere. For instance, you may have to consider moving to an apartment just outside the Gainesville area where rent is typically cheaper. You could use the Regional Transit System, or RTS. The money you save on car insurance, gas and maintenance could free up more money in your budget for rent. You could also split the rent and utilities with a roommate to save money. More info: Cheap Gainesville Apartments

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