Transmission Repair Phobia

Simply mention the words “transmission repairs” to any driver and see how quickly their mood begins to sour. Some drivers might tell you about their horrible experiences of either having to repair or change their transmission.

The two factors that make people cringe when it comes to transmission repairs are the cost of the job and dishonest mechanics. The perception about transmission repairs is that it will always cost an arm and a leg to get done. In some cases repairs can be expensive, if the transmission needs a lot of work done to it. But for the most part, if you practice preventative maintenance on your vehicle, the transmission will last.

Check the transmission fluid regularly and ensure the fluid level is on the mark on the dip stick. The color of the fluid should always remain the original color. If you observe any change in color go to the auto-repair shop. Running your vehicle with very low-levels of transmission oil will cause the transmission to burn out. Repairs can be costly or it might have to be replaced.

Dishonest mechanics that intentionally misdiagnose your problem by inflating it, to jack up the cost to you, is a major problem. One of the best ways to avoid this automotive pitfall is to ask someone you trust for a referral. Ask the person about his experience and carefully when he talks about; completion of the job and cost of the job and if the problem ever recurred after it was repaired? Depending on his answers you will know if the mechanic is reliable or not.
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