Treatments For Psoriasis

There are some people who have certain skin conditions which affects the way their skin looks. The people with psoriasis often have scaly or red patches on the surface of their skin. These affected areas can be located on the arms, legs, torso or face of the individual. There are some treatments available to help get rid of this condition. The treatments for psoriasis Arlington Heights residents can use could include applying a specially formulated ointment or lotion to the affected area. Some lotions can be found as over the counter products while others are obtained by prescription.

People who have this condition will often seek help from a dermatologist. This is a doctor who specializes in conditions of the skin. This doctor could recommend taking a prescription drug to get rid of the problem. Another type of treatment a doctor could recommend would be to have the surface layers of the skin removed. This removal can be done through a type of dermabrasion or through a laser treatment. The dermabrasion is not as risky as the laser treatment, because it uses micro crystals to scrub off the surface layer of skin.

Lasers burn off the top layer of cells on the skin and also stimulate the flow of blood in the cells underneath so they will be healthier. This treatment should only be performed by trained technicians to avoid obtaining second or third degree burns. With the proper treatment, this particular skin condition can be kept under control or eliminated entirely.

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