Water Damaged Items In Basements

When severe storms come through cities, they often leave a trail of damage behind them. This damage can include flooding in low laying regions. People with homes in this type of area will often experience flooding in their basements. This flooding can cause damage to the structure of the foundation as well as to any items stored in the basement. The water damage Poughkeepsie residents could incur could include having furniture items ruined because of high rising flood waters. Furniture items such as sofas and chairs, will often need to be discarded when damaged by water.

Water which comes into the basement through cracks in the foundation or gaps around window frames, will not be sanitary. This water carries various forms of bacteria, which will settles on any areas it touches. Furniture made with padding will absorb this tainted water, which will cause mold to develop over time. This is also true if the basement has carpeting. The cement walls and flooring of a basement will need to be thoroughly cleane

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